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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. victory and agony at the olympics. u.s. star swim duo phelps and lochte some up short this the pool. all-american gold misses the cut but with jordan weesh come through for the usa. bomb scare at walmart. panicked shoppers as stores throughout the midwest are evacuated. who is turning the aisles of the biggest stores into a danger zone. this brand new roller
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coaster strands a dozen riders for two hours at the very top. we'll show you how it all ended. and only on "gma," the new cast of "dancing with the stars" is getting ready for their own olympics as the stars all-stars face off in a brand new competition. and get ready for this, you can choose the last member of the all-star team. you'll meet them here this morning live in times square. george is enjoying a little vacation. think he's in london watching the olympics? do you think he left us for there? >> i don't. no, i don't. i do think he's enjoying himself. the on limpings have just begun. so much drama and triumph already. a gold medal for dana vollmer.
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kim rhode and ryan lochte taking home gold. we'll learn more about kim in a moment. >> she may not be done yet. michelle obama very app happy. she's embracing the dream team. she said those are the only sweaty people allowed to hug her afterwards. capturing the joyful moments of even their beginning moments for the kes for gold. and there he is. is that the queen? could that be the queen? and james bond and -- nope, it sure wasn't. but, oh, what an opening ceremonies it was. the highlights. and the higher lights. i tell you, when that caldron lights up, it just signals it's time, time, time to get there. >> it was very, very british. we're going get right to it. "gma" is at the olympics with
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all of this morning's headlines and disappointments. this morning, over the u.s. swim team. bill weir leads the coverage at the abc news olympic desk in london. good morning, bill. >> yes, no duel in the pool on day two. instead, phelps and lochte joined supershe roe forhero fors a team. another twist of the script. in his leg of the relay, the old michael phelps was back. >> phelps turning it on here. >> reporter: giving the american august whatmen a solly lead. when his heir apparent ryan lochte tried to bring it home, the french rival torpedoed past and beat the great wet hope by a full second. >> we just raced tough. and -- we came up a little
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short. >> reporter: since he was gunning for seven goldsn these games, it took away a bit of the momentum and hype he earned on saturday. >> and the statement that it's my time has all paid off for lochte. >> reporter: he earned the first gold of the games for team usa. the big headline was phelps finishing forty. the first time he's missed a medal in nearly a dozen years of racing. >> being able to be on the medal stand isn't too bad. >> reporter: he's now just two medals away from becoming the most decorated olympian in history. the world waits and watches to see how he'll swim in the history. the other big news at the gym. the wisdom was the two young women representing america would be gabby douglas and jordyn
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wieber. wieber's friend, allie, so flawless, wieber fell to third. we'll have more on that in a bit. tears of joy for american shooter kim rhode. she blasted 99 of the 100 clay pigeons out of the air. the first person ever to get a individual medal in five consecutive olympic games. here's hoping no one steals her shotgun. that actually happened in beijing. royal eyes were on zara phillips as he rode high kingdom in the dressage competition. for those of you who like your news fresh, not frozen, not five hours stale, follow me on twitter.
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i'm @billweir. we're back in a little bit to bring you a new segment, faster, higher, weirder. back to you. >> weir-der. see what he did there? an opening weekend not to be forgotten. you see the korean peninsula represented. if you look at the three power house, china, no surprise there. 12ov overall, followed by the united states. dana vollmer in the pool, ryan lochte in the pool. the third going to kim rode. that's five individual medals in five olympics. at 33 years of age, you have to figure there's a sixth in her future. >> and three chances for u.s. gold in individual swimming competition. "gma" contributor and yahoo! analyst, summer sanders, joins us with a look at the chances.
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good to see you again, summer. let's start with ryan lochte. he has a chance to redeem himself today in the pool. >> and redeem himself. he swam well last night in the 4 by 100. it came down to who had more guts in the last leg. he'll be in the pool for the 200 freestyle final. he'll have tough competition from china. he has a killer finish to his race. that will be tough competition for him. i don't expect him to win the gold. i do expect him to make the podium. >> he'll do just fine. let's talk about the women this the pool. pair of americans. one we know a great deal about, missy franklin. and somebody we don't know much about. both have good chances today? >> yes, missy franklin, we love her -- she's 17 years old. i watched her in the prelims last night. i think i spotted a smile on her
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face before she hopped into the pool. she seems to be taking it in stride and remembering the why she is so good because she fell if love with the sport of swimming. she'll have stiff competition from an australian girl. she said flat out, she's not scared of it. she's not afraid to race. she'll have to do that tonight. rebecca sony has a killer last 50. and bree larson, started swimming her senior year in high school, three years later, she's an olympian. >> we have to talk about dana vollmer one more time. qualifies for the 2004 games, does not for 2008, then comes back four years later. what a comeback kid she is. >> i know, and somebody who persevered. she took the failure, as she said, in 2008, and brought it
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forward to 2012. she credited everything to her family, her mom, her dad, and her husband. that gave her the support to continue on the quest for individual gold. >> we're so happy for her. thank you, summer. we'll check back with you from time to time. >> good to see you. and now, amy robach has the other top stories. >> this morning, suspect james holmes will appear in court. one major issue today, whether vital evidence against him will be kept secret. clayton sandell is in essential ken y centennial colorado with more. >> reporter: in a few hours, james holmes will come from the courthouse to the building behind me. prosecutors and defense attorneys will be fighting over a notebook that holmes mailed to
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a psychiatrist that sources say contains writings of an alleged attack. holmes is not expected to enter a plea today. only those of us in the courtroom are will be able to see if holmes has that hair. the judge this time bard cameras from the courtroom. overseas, the mother of all battles in syria. rebels reportedly captured a military base outside syria's largest city. the fighting in aleppo rages on. abc's alex marquardt, who is inside syria, described the devastation at staggering. 2,000 people have fled the city in just two days. and mitt romney is talking tough about syria's ally, iran. romney said preventing iran from obtaining nuclear weapons should be america's highest national
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security priority. during an interview with abc's david muir, romney would only say he recognizes israel's right to defend itself. it was anything but an ultimate ride on sunday at six flags. a dozen people got stuck in the air for nearly two hours when the new superman roller coaster suddenly stopped. firefighters were lifted up to give water bottles and sunscreen to the riders. they were going to try to evacuate them but the riders were brought down backwards. >> could have been worse. that's why we don't ride roller coasters in the elliott house. now to the rash of bomb threats at walmart stores. a total of 11 at stores in missouri and kansas. some of the threats have led to
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evacuations. john slichriffen has the latest. >> reporter: the bomb threats have caused fear. the threats have been similar. in kansas, three stores received phone calls early sunday morning. in each case, the caller saying explosive devices were on the premises. in one case, a store was told, many people would die. eight stores targeted in missouri on friday evening. 11 cases in all. >> a lot of people didn't know what was going on. they were being rushed out. >> reporter: former fbi profiler brad garrett says at this point, police are working to see if the cases are connected. >> obviously, the caller has some issue with walmart. they got fired perhaps. they had an issue with walmart in the presence or past. >> reporter: garrett says in the wake of the mass shooting in colorado, communities all around the country are on high alert.
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>> i don't think people should be worried about shopping at walmart. i think they should understand that law enforcement takes bomb threats seriously. they cost communities a lot of money. but, yes, law enforcement is a little bit more on edge. obviously, because of what happened in aurora. >> reporter: walmart released a statement saying we're certained anytime someone makes a threat to our customers and associates. we apologize to custer ins for inconvenience. >> something to keep an eye on. now to, "your voice, your vote." the exclusive interview with former vice president dick cheney. it's grabbed headlines for cheney's blunt statement it was quote, mace take, for john
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mccain to pick sarah palin as a running mate. jonathan karl has more. >> reporter: i interviewed cheney by his home in jackson hole, wyoming. and talk about facing death and how the miracle heart transplant saved his life. how are you feeling? >> excellent. i haven't felt this good if years. >> reporter: you were in end stage heart failure. >> it's nothing short of a miracle. >> reporter: when you go in for that surgery, you don't know if you're going come out alive? >> well, that's one way to look at it. the pump -- it was the toughest of all surgeries. i lost 40 pounce. i was heavily sedated for weeks afterwards. i had pneumonia while i was recovering the surgery. by the time i came out from under, looked in the mirror, i saw my dad shortly before he
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died. it was four months ago. not a single glitch, no sign of rejection. everything's gone perfectly. >> reporter: dick cheney is back. feisty as ever. your overall assessment of president obama? >> obviously, i'm not a big fan. i ds agree with him fund mentally philosophically. there would be a tough time to find a president i disaguy with more. >> reporter: really? jimmy carter? >> yeah. 24 al qaeda targets taken out. you can't say he is soft on terror, can you? >> i wouldn't say he's soft on terror, he's made a number of mistakes. bin laden, fine, a lot of that intelligence came as a result of the programs we had in place in the bush administration. >> reporter: gay marriage is one
7:16 am
issue where they see eye to eye. just last month, his daughter, mary, married her long-time partner heather poe. do you wish you pushed harder on that issue? >> why. >> reporter: well -- >> if i was out there in the first campaign in joe lieberman in front of millions of americans and i laid out my position then, it hasn't changed, no. i've addressed it and moved on. >> reporter: how was mary's wedding. i'm su >> i'm sure it was fine. we wished them well. she wanted it to avoid being part of the media circus. or a political debate. we were proud and happy and congratulated them. >> reporter: he was within of the most controversial vice presidents ever. he told us he is completely at peace with his legacy. >> i'm very comfortable with what i did, how i did it, why i did it.
7:17 am
i'll let others judge whether they liked it or not. >> reporter: do you have any regrets? >> not really. >> reporter: he's back, but there are limits. he won't attend the republican convention in august. he'll be going fishing instead. robin? >> thank you, jon. all right, let's get back to london now. time to bring you the faster, the higher, and the weir-der side of the olympics. >> josh, you know, we're going to start with something more outrageous than weird. empty seats. hundreds of them in venues that are supposed to be the toughest tickets in town. the toughest tigts in the world. while officials are scolding sponsors and dignitaries for not using them, they're going to fill them with teachers and soldiers. police guarding wembley stadium lost a set of keys over the weekend. a few kinks to work out.
7:18 am
not a lot of empty seats for women's beach volleyball. the bikinis popular here. i went to the horse grounds to watch u.s. smoke argentina. they built this beach in the backyard of downing street, where churchill once gofrenned. they played the benny hill theme and entertained with cheerleaders between games. i was fighting the impulse to find a small bald man and slap him on the head. much more as we span the globe bring you the crazy tough. >> love the sound track with it all. thanks, bill. ? sometimes things write themselves. look, it's sam champion. >> i want the soundtrack music for weather. does it seem like we have had a lot of these giant dust storms
7:19 am
or haboobs in phoenix this year? >> yes. >> if that seems unusual, it is. we went to a climatologist in the phoenix area. he said they seem to have had more of them in the last three years. the amount of moisture not in the systems this time of year. oklahoma city, tyler, that's the bull's eye zone. springfield, 104. it will feel better and not as many storms into the north today. there will be one or two scattered.
7:20 am
>> more of america's weather in the next half hour. anchorage, alaska, at 59 degrees. it's been a cool summer in alaska. >> thanks, sam. thanks for walking all over. coming up, after all the
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happy monday. we have a lone shower on maryland's most powerful radar. looks like it's around baltimore to the south.
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see that, dundalk, a little bit of action, glen burnie, clipping you. this is a light shower and slowly but surely going to wind down. we will have showers possible popping up in to the afternoon. definitely be prepared for that. 75 now, annapolis. burnsville 67. 69 in buoy. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. >> an accident in baltimore city, on north calvert, center street. if you are using the jfx, there is nothing to get in your way. that will be a different story on 895, the northbound lanes packed all the way to the steel bridge. here is the west side, wilkins avenue, no problems whatsoever. everything up to speed. 4 year old is dead after drowning in a pool, the sheriff's office says jordan atkins wondered from his home. family members found him floating in a pool.
7:28 am
at kips died at the hospital. investigators are investigating. get ready to see changes downtown at the inter harbor. construction begins today. organizers are putting down the ceremonial first jersey barrier. prep work expected to last for about a month. we are more than a month away from the second running of the grand prix. weather and traffic back in half an hour. stay with us.
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7:30 am
after all that work, so many years of early mornings, late nights, just coming up short. reigning gymnastics world champion jordyn wieber leaving the arena in tears. so hard to see that. her chances to compete in the individual all-around final comes to a devastating end. we'll look at what it meanslymp. >> she has a shot at team gold. she has to focus on the team right now. hard to watch. george off watching it. i hope you're enjoying the action in the comfort of your own home. the latest in the "twilight"
7:31 am
drama, the possible split between those two. before her admission of cheating on him, was he planning to pr propo propose? and the "dancing with the stars," the all stars. you're going to meet them here on "good morning america." only here. we're going to tell you how you can vote for the final star. you at home will have chance to get somebody back this the ballroom. the three contenders vying for your vote are joining us this morning to discuss them. >> and one of them already tweeting us, trying to get on our good side. just check it out. >> oh, really? >> you'll see it all in our 8:00 half hour. but first, the jackson family. the show must do on the. jackson brothers performing together with michael's three children looking on. now, we're learning the real
7:32 am
details how much money the estate is worth. it's staggering. nick watt is in los angeles with the details. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, the jacksons are trying to build some bridges after the extraordinary evidents extraordinary events of the past couple of weeks. is all that money making it harder to play happy family. video shows grandma jackson bringing the grandkids to watch her boys play on the ironically titled unity tour. jermaine told the crowd -- >> the jackson family is one. and we're one family. and we will heal. >> reporter: but most families are not this complicated. >> there's tremendous drama that's associated with them. and there's a heck of a lot of money. >> reporter: here are some high heights we found in the accounts just filed by the late, great king of pop's estate.
7:33 am
♪ the way you make me feel >> reporter: he was $500 million in the hole before he died. since then, he's earned nearly that much back. the kids have an allowance of more than $2 million. spent $436,000 on residences expenses. $654,000 on security. >> these kids, technically, are extremely wealthy. the rest of the family, not that they're poor. they can't help but drool over the future prospects. >> reporter: and the simmering issue of who should be the kids' guardian, a judge gave cousin t.j. custody last week. grandma told abc news she was happy to be there. >> i'm here with my children. my children would never do a thing hike that. holding me against my will. >> reporter: legal moves say
7:34 am
katherine and t.j. will soon share custody. >> i can't imagine an 82-year-old woman trying to raise three teenage kids. i'm xexhausted thinking abit. >> reporter: t.j. will help with the day to day money. this is not over. randy just released a statement. josh this is not over, this may never be over. >> certainly visit all here for you. nick watt, thank you for that. now to kristen stewart and robert pattinson. the dissolution of their relationship still happening. lara, you're here with another twist in the story. >> we're hearing that this relationship between kristen stewart and her director, rupert sanders may not have been have short liaison.
7:35 am
all went on through months of secrecy. we're learning that pattinson was weeks away from proposing. not so fast. the split between robert pattinson and kristen stewart appears to be a permanent one. more moving trucks were spotted outside the home the two shared. new revelations at least for pattinson. >> friends of robert told us this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. he was very close to proposing when he heard about the affair. >> reporter: just this month, pattinson addressed rumors that they had already walked down the aisle, saying in an interview, no one ever knows what is true and what isn't. it's not. at least not yet. it is true that kristen has always done something to me that others haven't. soon after, these photos were published. 22-year-old stewart and her
7:36 am
director, rupert sanders, in an embra embrace. >> in is the last time you'll see me. >> reporter: pattonton was reportedly horrified by stewart's apology. >> robert is devastated by the news. this is someone he adored, he loved, and he trusted. >> reporter: together, they were one of hollywood's hottest young couples. in a 2010 interview, rob pattinson played up the rumors. >> there are all these rumors about the two of you dating. is it true? >> kristen's pregnant. >> reporter: in real life, they may not walk down the aisle together. they'll have to come face to face soon enough. for this fall's promotional tour of "breaking dawn." we shall see.
7:37 am
i don't believe we have heard the last of this situation. >> probably not. >> sam? >> hey, good morning, again, lara. pictures of a rare, high elevation tornado. a lot of folks asked if or the nay dos happen in places like mountains. they do. very, very rare. this one at about 11,900 feet in colorado. storms peel off today. green bay, milwaukee. a little area -- well, a widespread area of possible storms. those are where the most intense will pop up. the next three days, those locations there, will stay in place. it's the strongest heat in the country. this will be tough at about 108
7:38 am
>> all of that weather brought to you by kentucky fried chicken. everybody? >> thank you, sam. still to come, a major setback for an olympic superstar. what does it mean for the u.s. women's gymnastics team is this we'll talk to kerri strug. go nowhere. while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. new kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good.
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7:42 am
becomes a national obsession. 2012 not disappointing. espn's julie foudy joins us from london on the fab five of team usa. this has been already such drama. julie, good morning. >> so much drama. this is not how things were supposed to go. as you know, especially with this team. they'll attempt to rebound and refocus. they have one goal in mind, to bring home the gold. this is what heartbreak looks like. jordyn wieber, crumbling the moment she realized that despite her world championship, despite her medal dreams, she would not be competing for the individual all-around title. instead, she'll watch her two teammates go for the gold. >> it's a little bit of a disappointment. it's been a dream of mine to shoot for the gold.
7:43 am
i'm proud of aly and gabby both. >> reporter: she had a flawless floor routine. >> i always dreamed of being a olympian. >> reporter: right behind her, gabby douglas. code name, the flying squirrel. the girl has serious gumption. >> mom, i need to leave. i need to get better coaching. i need to make the dream real. >> reporter: she and the rest of the fabulous five can go for the team gold. 15 years old, kyla ross is the youngest member of the team. her graceful and fluid routines are expected to grab the
7:44 am
headlines. mckayla is nursing a broken toe. she's not going let a beckon bone keep her from her chance of going for the gold. the u.s. team has not won gold since the 1996 olympics. they're desperately hoping to be on top of the podium. josh? >> speaking of 1996, we turn to 1996 gold medalist, kerri strug. so famous for sticking the landing on the injured ankle and having a nation to rise up to supporter. good morning to you. i know you watched it as jordyn wieber sat stunned when the scores came across. when you were watching and you know what she's feeling, what were those moments like for her? >> well, you know, it was disappointing she didn't advance to the all-around finals. however, she's going to help team usa hopefully win gold tomorrow night. we're looking forward to the u.s. doing extremely well. >> what is the team dynamic now?
7:45 am
because jordan has to rally around the team. they have to pull together. >> well, jordyn is a phenomenal athletes. it goes to show you, here at the olympic games, anything is possible. she didn't have the competition of her life this the prelims. she can come back in the team finals. >> meanwhile, the women now, they get set trying to bring home the first gold since 1996. how do you think they'll do? >> this women's team is phenomenal. they're mentally so tough. physically fit. so much depth. they're leading the russians by over a point and half going boo the finals. we're expecting great things from them. >> the men's team finals are today. they looked good in qualifying. how about that chances? >> they surprised us all. we're so excited for them.
7:46 am
hopefully, they're going to go to the top of the medal podium as well. so -- you know, same thing for the women. they have to stay focused on their routines, do what they know best, what they've done this training, rally around each other. it's looking fine for team usa in the gymnastics arena. >> lots of stuff to look forward to on both sides. kerri strug, appreciate the time. >> well, thank you very much. go team usa. >> and still to come, "the play of the day. " [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches.
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where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens. here's "the play of the day." >> you know, the olympic spirit. the fever extends here. "the play of the day." take a look. sometimes guys will do the dumbest thing. i give you that. >> oh, no -- oh!
7:51 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> now, first of all, he clears it. >> oh, that would hurt. >> what a wedgie. >> now, that's a wedgie. >> watch his buddy. cause, he can't get down. they're like, whoa, let me get you. this won't be embarrassing. this probably won't slope up on national television. hey, you made it. you made it. you almost made it. you're impressed. >> in the olympic spirit. >> higher, faster, more painful. still to come, "dancing with the stars" all-stars are introduced. only right here. [phone ringing] hi. oh there you are. hey are ya? daddy,look! you lost another tooth. [man thinking] don't grow up without me. oh,uh riley wants to say hi. riley...
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7:56 am
good morning, a look at chesapeake beach. clouds around calvert county. sunshine, that's the mix through the day. also, we do have reduced visibility problems, patchy fog, one mile of reduced visibility in york, five baltimore, three easton, 7 dc. four frederick, three salisbury.
7:57 am
temperatures 73 degrees baltimore, 72 easton. the 60s across frederick and hagerstown. moisture content is up. we will deal with the humidity for today and this evening. we have a chance for showers to move in, even in to the afternoon. that will continue in to tomorrow. the hour by hour forecast, brings to us 87 degrees as we head in to the 4:00 hour. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, we have trouble arundel county, a crash on interstate 97, northbound lanes near route 178. if you are headed to 895, expect a slow ride northbound, all the way to the steel bridge. west side looks like wilkins avenue. no delays. a different story as you drive towards interstate 70. a crash in northeast baltimore. it's on overly avenue at lyndon avenue.
7:58 am
like me on facebook for a chance to win $600 in free gas.
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8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] what a wonderful monday morning crowd. merry monday to us all. i love it when they're here. joining us in times square. what an hour we have left. we're playing dance again by j. lo. we have three stars returning to dance again on the first ever "dancing with the stars" all-star i degs. you're going to get to vote for the one star you want to see back in the ballroom. those three contenders are all -- >> there it is. >> carson can't --
8:01 am
>> how can you choose? how can you choose? >> we need -- we need three more spots. >> this is going to be great. >> you really, you at home, you get to decide between the three. how do you do it? >> i cannot. >> i double dog dare you. >> that hurts. >> the team dance? also ahead on the program, if you are what you eat, what do you eat when you're going for the gold? we're going to ve veal the secret foods of olympic athletes. the hot energy booster over the pond, beet juice. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> the perfect time. >> here's looking at you. okay. >> oh, my. >> that's the worst, actually, it turns out. no wonder. the sacrifice that goes into being an olympian. >> look at your teeth now,
8:02 am
they're purpose. >> mine are, too. >> the notes say, it tastes like sweet dirt. that's being kind. >> while you work that out, i'll move on. the faces that put super in supermodel. we'll look at the celebrated beauties who continue to dazzle even after their moment tops cat walk. josh, we good? >> amy, got some news? we begin with day three of the london olympics. china leads in the medal count with 12, the u.s. only one behind. michael phelps looking to move one medal closer to being the most decorated olympian ever. also in the pool, a world worecd and a gold for dana vollmer.
8:03 am
and michelle obama supporting the men's basketball taeam. somebody lost a set of keys for wembley stadium. workers had to change several lox. james holmes is due the court this morning to be formally charged. he's not expected to speak or enter a plea yet. his lawyers are fighting to keep a notebook he allegedly sent to his psychiatrist secret. they're arguing doctor-patient privilege. hundreds protests outside of police head quarters on the ninth straight day of demonstrations since the shooting of an unarmed man. the democrat convention will have bill clinton there to announce president obama.
8:04 am
and the two biggest smart phone makers face off in court today. apple and samsung accuse each other of stealing ideas. one of several trials under way around the world with billions of dollars at stake. finally, a bizarre dirt birthday for two little boys. one baby was born on the side of the road. mom and baby number one were headed on to the hospital in a ambulance when baby number two arrived. both boys are doing fine this morning. they're so cute. >> they're adorable. >> and what a great story. >> oh. >> for the boy, maybe not the mom. >> yeah, exactly. >> thank you very much. a little "pop news" to start
8:05 am
the week. >> olympic addiction. we are addicted. this is the olympic edition of "pop news." one of the many moments to remember from the opening ceremony was watching what looked like the queen making an entrance skydiving only to land on a narrow bridge nearby. now, the man who nailed it was professional skydiver gary connery. gary said he practiced the jump for months and thoroughly enjoyed dressing up like queennqueenn queenie. british diver tom daly tweeted an interesting text. how to take your pants off and do a back flip at the same time. not sure why you would learn that, how you would learn that.
8:06 am
>> by why wouldn't you? >> but can he jump a golf cart? >> i was going the say that. you win. >> also at the olympics, david beckham may not be on the field. here's supporting them from the stands in good seats. becks and his son, brooklyn, cheerg cheering on the team. >> they give them a match. >> i was nervous. >> i'm just saying. and twitter thought it was safe yesterday. oh, gosh. paramount pictures is celebrating its 100th birthday. capturing the moment. they managed to gather 116 of the big enames in hollywood for this epic snapshot that included george clooney, tom cruise,
8:07 am
meryl streep, jack nick kolson, steven spielberg. the list of great films is endless. "the godfather." "indiana jones." you can see the picture at >> those are my favorite photos. >> the story is terrific. >> thank you, ma'am. let's kick it outside to sam. so, good morning, everybody. i'm talking to reilly. where sit that you work? >> cool crest n. >> it's what a -- hi, hi. >> it's a minigolf course in st. joseph, missouri. >> i'm not good. are you good? >> not really. >> maybe a little later we'll take lessons. we'll see how that goes. let's get to the boards. how about in the southeast? what does it feel like? the humidity is up and so are
8:08 am
the temperatures. we don't expect you the cool down. all the heat continues. here's where a pocket of extreme heat stays for the next three days. dallas hasn't dgotten into the incredible numbers. new they do. you're above 105, 106-degree feeling. into the west, looking good on the west coast. a little bit more of the monsoon kick
8:09 am
>> a little new jersey and georgia hanging out with us. now where are we going back to? >> lara. >> thank you. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu. meet the "dancing with the stars" wannabes. who will you vote in? and legendary supermodels revealing informing about their lives. food of champions. you won't believe what the olympians eat to win. all that and more coming up. why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now?
8:10 am
8:11 am
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8:14 am
it's time for glitz, glamour in the ballroom. your favorite selects are suiting up for the new season of "dancing with the stars," where the show's all-stars vie for the ultimate mirrorball prize. rachel smith caught up with the six men and women. once more hitting the dance floor to compete. >> can't wait. >> reporter: the thrill of victory. the agony of defeat. olympians shawn johnson and apolo ohno will dance against one another. what is your strategy? >> i think bring my yellow zoot suit again.
8:15 am
>> reporter: helio castroneves wants another trophy. so does kelly monaco. >> i think maybe vaseline on the bottom of people's shoes. >> reporter: kelly is kidding. tamala anderson is avoiding distraction. >> i'm not going to get side tracked by boys. men, romances. i was such a proe man tiromanti. >> reporter: it seems that kirstie alley already knows and won't reveal who she's paired with. why are you putting yourself out there? >> why not? people will say whatever they want the say about my family. why not be able to provide for my son and be able to work with awesome people again. ♪ wider than a mile >> the judges are going to expect us to be ten times better than the last time.
8:16 am
i don't think that's fair. >> reporter: oh, come on, now. you don't think that's fair? former boy band stars and current buddy, drew lachey and joey fatone are now dance rivals. >> jawing back and forth. who sold more records. who won the mirrorball trophy. >> reporter: drew won. joey wants to. so does gilles marini. >> i'm doing it for the 20 million people who will watch it and enjoy watching me perform for them. and my daughter. >> reporter: 6-year-old juliana will join the others for the premier. for "good morning america," rachel smith, los angeles. >> what a cast. what a cast. let's take a look at the six men and the six women. who we know for sure are competing.
8:17 am
those are the six women. and -- this season, in another first, one more spot available. a viewer's choice. >> a viewer's choice award. >> why not? >> lucky number 13. >> joining us now are the three stars vying for that. in no particular order, please welcome, carson kressley. >> you can dip me, okay. all right. sorry. that was so spontaneous. go. >> has the voting begun? >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> sabrina bryan. >> so exciting to be here. >> and kyle massey! >> how are you doing? >> good morning, kyle. >> good more to all. good morning, america.
8:18 am
>> good morning, america. >> and we're serious. you at home will be able to vote for one of you to join. you all have continued to dance. >> all three of us do i had the "dancing with the stars" live las vegas show. i'm mediocre now instead of terrible. because i've been practicing so much. by the time the show rolls around, i'll actually be good. i think sfwlp you will be. >> and we're still doing the show. we're flying back tonight to do a show at the tropicana tonight. >> we have to perform tonight. >> you've been very busy. >> i've been trying to stay busy. it's an honor to be here and to be considered to go on "dancing with the stars." >> the all-star season. it's the first time ever. >> weir all great choices. i mean these guys are really fantastic dancers. i mean, me not so much. but i have great costumes. >> that was season five. that was awhile ago. >> almost five years ago.
8:19 am
i'm ready to get back out there. i'm so excited. we've all been tihinking about n all-star option. it's finally here. we're all so different as for formers as well. it's great to give america a chance at anything they want. >> your loss was our gain. you took us through the rest of the season. looking back, if you had a chance to do it again. what would you do different? >> i would learn how to dance this time. >> for starters. >> will you? >> i couldn't have worked any harder. i practiced and practiced and practiced. i wasn't that technically savvy. now that i have more experience from the vegas show, i think i could be a better dancer. >> but you do have moves like jagger. >> and he's been practicing those moves. >> i have been. >> we've seen all his moves like jagger. >> now you're kind of back into
8:20 am
it. vegas is easing you back if. what would you do? >> i think vegas is a totally different show. no judges. it takes the pressure off. but, you know, it's one of those things where, i just -- when i got on the first time, of the show, in vegasin, just performi in front of the fans, once you get a "dancing with the stars" st fan base, you don't want to dance for anyone else. >> i want to dance for other people. >> that's a different show, carson. >> when they called and said, hey, this could happen, what did you think? >> i didn't know what to think. i got to second place on my season and -- it was just a fun journey. you know what i mean? to fall just a little bit short of my goal. it would be amazing to get a second chance to get that trophy. >> oh, yeah! look at that. sexy in yellow, kyle.
8:21 am
>> copy written the tootsie roll since that day. >> tootsie roll. from the woman back there. >> tootsie roll. thank you. >> how many times do you get to do a do over? this is a sales pitch. you each have -- put 15 seconds on the clock. you each have 15 seconds to make your plea to america. sabrina? >> i'm going first. i'm so excited to be here, to be a part of this fan vote. and i've been praying for a second chance on that show, and now it's finally here. and it's up to you guys. i promise if you get me back on, i'll finish unfinished business out there. i'm so excited. let me dance again. >> love it. that's the competitor. >> wow. >> nice. >> all right, kyle. >> tootsie roll. >> my name is kyle massey. you need to vote for me on "dancing with the stars," one, because i wore an american t-shirt. second drks because it's the
8:22 am
olympics and i feel like i'm an olympian dancer. and it's going down, vote kyle. i love you all. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> you went patriotic on us. >> carson? >> now it's my turn. i feel like a blond mitt romney. oh, yeah, vote carson. i know i can be great dancer this time. and i have more costumes left. okay, vote for carson. go to and start voting today. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. >> you won that round. >> you two have your work cut out for you. he went and told the people. >> it's called campaigning, robin. >> we know how he plays. >> look at the shoes. >> to learn how to vote, logon to on
8:23 am
gentleman hy yahoo!. >> three great choices. carson, though, always magnificent. we move on now. it's said that beauty is a fragile gift. that gift can fade over time. how do you face that when you have made your living for being young and beautiful and told so for your youth. a new documentary on hbo called about fate, looks at the lives of the supermodels. >> really was just about making money to help my father pay for education. it was never like, oh, i think i am so gorgeous. >> you live in a bubble where everyone tells you how beautiful you are all the time. >> reporter: carol, beverly, christie. they struggled with feelings of insecurity.
8:24 am
and the last taboo, aging. >> the you grow old, you don't count anymore. >> reporter: about face, airing on hbo, takes a look at fashion industry. >> modeling has nothing to do with self-confidence. working off your looks makes you the opposite of confident. >> reporter: this photographer says beauty doesn't fade, it e involves. >> you had the ceiling falling down in your living room, would you not go and have a repair? >> reporter: if you're a model and you make money off of being young and beautiful, what happens when you're no longer young and beautiful? >> you do what all the women in the fim have done, you reinvent yourself. they're beautiful, smart, very wise women. >> reporter: carol alt, known as the face, for gracing the covers
8:25 am
of 500 magazines, says she doesn't want to be retouched. you're still modeling. >> i think there should be more of that. at 51, i don't want a 15-year-old selling me a $100,000 fur. there's though way i would believe she's a socialite. >> reporter: tina emerged from the ashes of world war ii to become the first nonwhite woman to model on a fashion magazine. at 82, she's enjoying a comeback. do you think they fear not beauty fading but the limelight fading? >> it goes together, right? you're in the limelight because you're beautiful. if you can't do wieal with thatn the beauty goes, you better have something else. the women in the film all went on and did other things. they accuused their name in thet
8:26 am
way possible. >> reporter: beverly johnson says while there is more diversity on the runway, not enough has changed. she reveals how modeling gave her a warped sense of body image that she still carries to this day. >> i can look at somebody that is painfully thin. we're talking with my girlfriend, wow, she needs to eat. but secretly, i'm saying, i would like to look like that. that's how crazy that industry has made me as far as weight goes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang. >> so many in the film talk about how to stay relevant. they feel women need to see the beauty in growing orlando. > older. coming up on "good morning america," jeremy renner and
8:27 am
rach rachel weisz join us. what happens when snooki and j.woww come to good morning, everyone. it's monday, we have a shower sliding off towards the east. it's around baltimore and dundalk. light in nature. we have a chance for more isolated showers to pop up in to the afternoon. temperatures, good morning, centerville 76 degrees. 75 jessup. 76 annapolis. throughout the day, temperatures will be seasonable. enjoy it. we do have a little bit of reduced visibility this morning and look at the hour by hour forecast. by lunchtime, temperature right around 84 degrees. 87, the seasonable temperature today.
8:28 am
now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. an accident causing delays on interstate 97, along the northbound lanes, route 178. expect delays to route 50. west side of the beltway, wilkins avenue, not anything to worry about. that's the same case 695 parkville up towards towson, a crash off the kingsville, bel air road at shall be avenue. for more than 30 years, mary ellen oversaw the post office in brownsville in western maryland and did it out of her home. that will change tomorrow. the postal service decided to cut the postmaster's position to 2 hours a day and discontinuing the government benefits. she is retiring. unclear if the new post office will hope somewhere else. days away from taking his badge off. saturday he got to throw out the first pitch and the o's won
8:29 am
the game 6-1 over the oakland a's. back to new york for good morning america.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ i'm trying to follow your lead you got me running baby ♪ ♪ you got me running baby ♪ wild at heart what a year for that country group. they're called gloriana. a country sensation, gloriana. they're here to start our week with their new smash hit at the top of the smarcharts. josh is here with us.
8:31 am
sam. roll call. sam? >> sam. >> lara? raise the rand. >> we're saying george is taking time with the family this week. >> i think he heard about our next segment and decided to skip out. could pickle juice be your next sports drink of choice? we'll fill you in on the foods that athletes say fuel their chances for success. all the stars stop here. jeremy renner and rachel weisz are here with us. they're on the run for "the bourne legacy." >> the pro mos for that look so good. >> somebody i know saw it, said it was unbelievable. >> was that you? >> sources can confirm to me that it was really good. and in just a few hours, double duty at "good afternoon
8:32 am
america." the latest from the olympics. teach you to save a ton at the grocery store. and j.woww, too. sam, come this way with me, sir. >> come this way. >> let's go test some food. when i think olympics, i think of sam champion. >> i sure do. >> years of intense training have made the team the best in the world. ever wonder what the athletes eat to stay in peak shape? we're joined by registered dietitian kerry glass. great to have you back. >> thank you for having me. >> it's not just raw chicken and egg whites? >> no, no. they eat real food. the average men male needs, not necessarily eats, about 2,000 calories in a day.
8:33 am
the average olympic male athlete? how many calories do you think? about 6,000 calories. they should get a medal for not gaining weight. >> they burn so much. >> basic nutrition. they're burning so many calories. they need to refuel. that's a pound of pasta, a dozen eggs. a pint of ice cream. >> did you ever eat like that when you were playing? >> not like that. we ate more when i played college hoops. you have secrets here. >> the athletes have their routines, the rej mans. johan blake says he eats 16 bananas. many of us think of a banana as a great workout food. 1600 calories from
8:34 am
carbohydrates. >> and? >> jonathan horton eats -- this is his secret sauce here. honey. that's energy. sugar in its most simple form. he's known to have low blood sugar. it's quick energy for him. they also do, the male gymnasts mix it with the chalk. so they don't slip. >> you would think it would make you slip. >> something at the a lot of the athletes are consuming. beet juice. sweet dirt is what it's known as. it's loaded with nitrates. compounds that help the body use energy better. >> when they have to recover. they have to try and replenish themselves. >> this was in the tease. it doesn't sound good.
8:35 am
>> many of the athletes don't like the taste of the sports juice. pickle juice. and aly raisma her chocolate milk. it's a great combination of c h carbs and proteins. >> you're alone on the pickle juice. and -- >> you pass out the beet use for the audience. our swimmer over here. a great recovery meal. carbs from the pasta, protein for muscle recovery and damage from the chicken, and loads of antioxidants from the salad. this is a great recovery meal. >> we're going to think about that when we watch them. are you going to work on the weather now? >> i'm going for the chocolate
8:36 am
milk. look at the face, wait, wait, wait. tell me your name. >> donna. >> you did the same thing. a big swig of the beet juice and -- it stays with you. >> i love how lenny is staying away. he's a smart man. >> we have medical personnel standing by. >> it's good for you. >> let's get to the boards. here's a quick thing we want to show you. oh, josh. lake lanier, georgia, a gorgeous shot. in pennsylvania, also, a nice looking water shot. in the northwest today, another great day. a slow start to any kind of summer weather. the coastal areas are in the ''7 70s. the red zone, the heat stays for two or three days. dallas is finally in the big heat. at 106 today. stays that way for like six
8:37 am
>> wait, wait, wait, come here. all that weather -- wait, there's a leaf. >> thank you. >> wait, wait, i still can't -- i just have to, all that weather was brought to you by target. oh, what? coming up next, "bourne lega
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
well, the newest bourne adventure hits theaters august 10th. "the bourne legacy" takes things to a whole new level. joining us now, two of its stars, rachel weisz and jeremy renner. federal, thank you for getting up with us. skra jeremy, right out of the gate,
8:41 am
you're not taking the reins of matt damon. you're playing aaron cross. >> not jason bourne. aaron cross. but tony and the creators were able to pull pack on the lens and see a lot more going on that we initially thought. >> this is happening against a tapestry to a degree of the third film. we're checking in where the series left off? >> if you know ultimateum or no, you'll see it in the back ground. it's a parallel universe that coexists together. >> part of the dynamic was jason bourne's quest to figure out who he was. both of your characters, to a degree, are aware of what is going on.
8:42 am
you liked your character in part because she complicit, but not completely in what is happening. >> i would say my character is in a conundrum. we both work for the government. i'm a scientist. you're an agent. we're working on different sides of things. neither of us know the pull chick chur of what're doing. we're following orders. the morality of what my character is doing is tuduboi d it's interesting. >> take a look. >> is that your name? >> james? no. what? you don't know my name? what do you call me? what do you put on my bloodwork?
8:43 am
>> five. >> five. the number five? you know how many times we have met. 13. 13 exam over the last four years. that's what i get. i'm number, number five. >> and away you both go. and really, you make your way to manila, one of the great scenes in the movie on the bike. i know you're an experienced motorcycle rider. what was that like? >> i think if i thought about it, i probably would have left the country. but, you know, it's the -- it's chaotic and beautiful there. but, you know, a third world country. wet roads, drafl, oil. and rachel on the back. probably a bad idea. we did it. >> rachel, what was it like on the back? >> jeremy only told me a week ago that for him that was the scariest stunt he had to do. because he was responsible for
8:44 am
my life. if i had smelled fear on him, i would never have gone on the back of the bike. i had to -- i had to trust -- entrust my life to his driving skills. >> a terrible responsibility to have by the way. it is. >> like 90% of your own stunts. was that something personally that drew you to this? >> like, 99.9, i would say. >> pretty much all of them. it's not what drew me to it. it's what is required for that style of movie. it's authenticity. >> it's what the fans expect, i think. authenticity. it's the actors doing the stunts. there's a level of realism. we're not playing superheroes. >> it's fun. fantastic. when to you get a chance to do that? >> jeremy renner, rachel weisz,
8:45 am
"the bourne legacy." the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable. once we got fios, it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. [ male announcer ] don't settle for the same old cable technology. now you can move up to verizon fios with no annual contract required for just $99.99 a month for a year, you'll get a fios triple play and our whole home solution -- including a high speed wireless router, plus a new multi room dvr and hd set top box free for 6 months. with fios the internet was five jabillion times faster. fios gives me way more for my money. [ male announcer ] switch to fios for just $99.99 a month for one year with no annual contract and get our whole home solution. hurry, upgrade to fios. no annual contract means now there's no reason to wait. cable, hasta la vista! [ male announcer ] call 1.866.569.fios. that's 1.866.569.3467. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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country music fans cannot get enough of our next act. fwlor yan that is here. they have a new smash hit called, kissed you good night. we want to introduce you to the members of gloriana. rachel reinert. tom and mike gossin. you all slept on each other's couches. worked really hard.
8:48 am
the new single is gold. the album comes out tomorrow. you're giving back to your fans in the way of a concert. ? we're going hop on a plane after this. we're playing the pepsi and billboard summer beats concert series. our fans can tune in and see a live stream of our set by going to pepsi's twitter page. >> nice, very nice. if you can't get there this persin person, you can experience the magic. >> how has it been for you, rachel? >> it's been a whirlwind for us. we couldn't be more grateful. these guys are like family to me. we have a great time. >> we consider you part of our family. we love to celebrate your success. your new single, kissed you god night.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ i dropped you off just a little after midnight ♪ ♪ sat in my car till you turned off your porch light ♪ ♪ i should have kissed you i should have pushed ♪ ♪ you up against the wall i should have kissed you ♪ ♪ just like i wasn't scared at all ♪ ♪ i turned off the car ran through the yard ♪ ♪ back to your front door before i could knock ♪ ♪ you turned the lock and met me on the front porch ♪ ♪ and i kissed you goodnight ♪
8:50 am
♪ and now that i've kissed you ♪ ♪ it's a good night good night baby goodnight ♪ ♪ ♪ you couldn't see me watching through the window ♪ ♪ wondering what went wrong praying that you wouldn't go ♪ ♪ you should have kissed me ♪ ♪ you should have pushed me up against the wall ♪ ♪ you should have kissed me ♪ ♪ i was right on the edge and ready to fall ♪ ♪ so i turned off the car ran through the yard ♪ ♪ back to your front door
8:51 am
before i could knock ♪ ♪ you turned the lock and met me on the front porch ♪ ♪ and i kissed you goodnight ♪ ♪ and now that i've kissed you ♪ ♪ it's a good night good night, baby goodnight ♪ ♪ ♪ i turned off the car ran through the yard ♪ ♪ back to your front door half scared to death ♪ ♪ can't catch my breath aren't these the moments we live for ♪ ♪ and i kissed you
8:52 am
goodnight ♪ ♪ and now that i've kissed you it's a good night ♪ ♪ good night baby goodnight ♪ ♪ it's a good night good night, baby goodnight ♪ ♪ it's a good night good night, baby goodnight ♪ ♪ it's a good night good night, baby goodnight ♪ [ cheers and applause ] kate and i have been married for 15 years.
8:53 am
8:54 am
that's 3 moves, 5 jobs, 2 newborns. it's no wonder i'm getting gray. but kate still looks like...kate. [ female announcer ] with nice'n easy, all they see is you -- in one step, nice'n easy with colorblend technology, is proven to give more blends of tones. for color that's perfectly true to you. [ rob ] i don't know all her secrets but i do know kate's more beautiful now, than the day i married her. [ female announcer ] with the dimensional color of nice'n easy, all they see is you.
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gloriana, we love you.
8:56 am
thank you, thank you, thank you. and you can hear another song there this great band on on yahoo!. indeed, ho wants a little emeril this their lives? >> i do. >> grilled pizza party. and a performance from the sensational joss stone. >> come on back. >> come on back. >> we're always here. "gaa" later.
8:57 am
good morning, everyone, happy monday. look at temperatures this morning. 78 in baltimore, joppa 76. bel air, 73. 78 middletown, same in goldsboro and rock hall and kent island 76 degrees. baltimore, in terms of the weather, the sun-cloud mix, more as we go throughout the day. we have the possibility for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. the moisture content is high. feeling humid now, that will linger as we go through the afternoon. future trend picking up on the scattered showers, isolated storms possible as we go in to the afternoon. that will continue as we head in to tomorrow. here are the temperatures for today. 84 lunchtime. 87 high temperature by 4:00 p.m. now a check of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. arundel county, a crash on
8:58 am
interstate 97. northbound lanes at route 178. more clouds jessup, another accident, 175 wiggly avenue. heading to the beltway, this is what the west side looks like. all of the delays dissipated. once you get in to baltimore, a crash at pratt street and broadway. stick with orleans street instead. for a chance to win a $600 gas gift card, become a fan of my abc2 news facebook page. all the details can be found at the top of the profile. good luck, have a wonderful day, see you early tomorrow morning. the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable. once we got fios, it was like somebody like took our computer,
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